Apsynet is a software publisher. Our products are dedicated to the technical and administrative management of enterprise assets. Our company helps businesses to solve the increasing needs to know, manage and optimize their assets (Human assets, Computer & networks, Office assets, Cars, or any kind of asset). Apsynet develops and sells a modular solution to cover every single issue an organization may encounter while managing its assets .

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Expertise Fields

Our offer includes 4 solution-sets based on our software platform :  Apsynet DataCenter, capitalizing on almost 25 years of R&D in those fields.

Apsynet DataCenter  allows, through a large functionality library, to address your technical inventory (Apsynet Asset Management ), your administrative and financial management concerning any enterprise asset.

Further than simple Computer-Asset Management, Apsynet solutions provide, with two IT Service Desk solutions, Apsynet Service Desk and Apsynet Request Center, a complete Employee-Relationship Management tool.

As a complement, Apsynet is also able to prove its platform possibilities with an online graphic directory application, strong with more than 160 000 members. Staffgallery.com offers  Ydentity, a global LDAP and active directory monitoring tool, for free.

Legal Mentions


Legal status  : Société par Actions Simplifiée (SAS)

Capital : 149 664 €


Chairman : Olivier PIOCHAUD

RC Nanterre B 403 383 599

Headquarters :

5ter Rue Carpeaux, 78500 Sartrouville

VAT identification : FR 524 033 835 99

SIRET : 403 383 599 00020

NAF CODE : 6201Z

Phone : 01 55 17 21 31

E-mail : contacts@apsynet.com