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Apsynet's applications use one single and common technological solution -Apsynet DataCenter - thus guaranteeing quick deployment, dependability and adaptability. Apsynet DataCenter is the foundation from which all Apsynet's business applications stem.


CUSTOMIZABLE APPLICATIONS FOR EACH PROJET                                                     

To be sure to answer the needs of IT Managers as well as those of users, Apsynet DataCenter technology enables quick reorganization of the application via easy modification of the graphical interfaces (menus and screens) and the use of your trade's business jargon while respecting the requirements of production. The modifications brought to the application are immediately and simultaneously integrated into the Windows and Web environments.

ADAPTABLE MENUS TO MEET YOUR TRADE'S SPECIFICITY                                          

The flexibility of Apsynet DataCenter technology makes for totally customizable menus. Menus are built by defining the users' needs, their function, trade and rights.
Each department can therefore have its own interface, while still using the same application, the same information sources as the other departments and this, with no extra or specific deployment.

SECURED ACCESS                                                                                                         

Apsynet DataCenter ensures precise management of functional and access rights to the application, the menus and company data:
• implementation made easy by simply defining profiles and groups, or users directly;
• partitioning off access to data can be based on such criteria as geographic setting or user's function in the company.

Apsynet has designed "UIL" (Universal Implicit Login), a functionality that ensures the comfort of secured access to the application. "UIL" consists in the automatic recognition of the user via the application (SSO), in association with the creation of an account according to the defined rules.


Apsynet DataCenter technology is supported by a combination of functions: the durability of the investment made when first implementing (and customizing) the application is thus guaranteed. Version evolution does not challenge the application and integrates initial parameters.


The administrator is provided with a control and supervisory tool for the entire information system via the description of business rules and the management of alarms and agents.
This user-friendly technology helps follow the recommendations stated in the ISO9001 norm and ITIL. Alert messages and targeted mails are sent out thanks to its ability to detect change and its degree of automation.

TAILORED-MADE REPORTS                                                                                           

Apsynet DataCenter comes with a powerful search and data extraction engine, a true reporting tool. Its graphic environment makes it comfortable and easy to use.
This engine delivers precise and comprehensive information via a system based on totally customizable reports and filters. Real-time reports, presented in the form of grids or graphs, are made available to users.
Results of queries are printable or usable under Excel, Word, or HTML formats.



The possibility offered by Apsynet DataCenter to synchronize with third applications enables the automation of the connection with any given external IT application. Correlating data, in the perspective of intelligent interpretation, is made possible via the definition of "production rules". Thus, information issued by ERP, accounting software, bar code inventory applications, remote distribution tools or directories are easily integrated into the Apsynet solutions and this with no alteration to their initial format.

Front Office Technologies :
- Public views
- Word
- Excel
- Decision-making tools

Back Office Technologies :
- Any SQL database
- POP3 for e-mail
- LDAP for directories

For more information about Apsynet DataCenter:
Download the product brochure of Apsynet DataCenter (pdf format) ;
Contact Apsynet's sales department  contacts@apsynet.fr.


Apsynet DataCenter Strong's Points

A customizable application

Adaptable menus to meet your trade's specificity

Secured access

Durable investment

A supervisory tool

Tailored-made reports

An open and communicating data system


Apsynet Product range

CDC Technical : inventory, technical and administrative management of IT Assets

CDC Asset Management : cost and equipment lifecycle control

CDC Service Desk : Service Desk and customer relationship management

eDataCenter : universal access to Apsynet applications via a Web browser